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SeanMcCammon C# .Net core 3 Software Developer
So; I Started A Podcast

Starting a Podcast Where I began For a long time I always wanted to start a podcast. I’m not sure why; maybe it was a desire to be some sort of radio talkshow? Maybe it was just me wanting to talk about subjects I wanted to talk about and send that message to the world. […]

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New Scrum Teams 3 Biggest Issues I've Experienced

What are the 3 biggest issues? I’ve been a working Scrum Master for a number of years now; having also been a developer for 18; and in that time I have helped create a number of new Scrum Teams, generally with team members that have never worked in Scrum before. In that time I have […]

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Sale Now On - Learn HTML5 and CSS3, Scrum or WordPress Ultimatum and More

Want to learn a new skill?! I have courses on working with HTML5 and CSS3, C++ and WordPress to mention a few. I also have a sale on with up to $92 off some of these courses. All are at the sale price if just $5 So why not check out the Udemy coupon links […]

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MarsEdit - Post Blog Posts From Your Computer

MarsEdit Review For some time now I have been reviewing hardware and software through a YouTube channel (or two). One of the latest products I have reviewed was MarsEdit for the Mac. For those that have not heard of MarsEdit; this is an application that allows you to create a blog post on your Mac […]

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Create Dynamic Tables in HTML5 and Javascript

The Task I recently got asked to complete a test; in this test there was a requirement to create a dynamic HTML table. The requirement was that when data was entered into some fields; this would be used to populate the table. There were a few other requirements; such as splitting on space; which I […]

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What Is The Viewport

This is something I have wanted to talk about for a while now; I don’t even go through this subject (at the moment) in my growing HTML course - although I do point it out in the Bootstrap section. So; before we talk about viewport let us go back in time; back to when viewing […]

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It's amazing what a smart phone can do

i truly think it's amazing what we can do on a modern smart phone. I remember when all we could do was make calls; yes before even SMS. I got my first mobile phone back in late 1995. I was a student and needed a phone for where I was staying. As it worked out; […]

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I love older technology

I love older technology. Now. The statement in the title; for me; used to be an alien concept. In fact, if you were to ask people who knew me 6 years ago they would have said "not a statement Sean would make". So, up till 6 years ago I lived new technology. I'd upgrade my […]

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