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Where have I been of late?

Good questions. I’ve been around.. Though I have to admit; I’ve been quite preoccupied with lots of things and have only really been updating this mentioned freebie site. That said, you may have noticed (or not) that recently I changed the hosting of this site. I wanted to keep my VPS just for my freebie site so this and few other sites have gone into a reputable shared hosting server.

What.. only been updating this freebie site

Yes.. well, my time has been taken up with lots of personal type of stuff.. I wanted to update more sites but lacked behind a little. However, I’ve had this freebie site called Grab Free Stuff in January 2016.  The idea was, I wanted to create a site that had at least 1 fresh new free item each week day; also to list items that were not being listed on other sites.

A lot of freebie sites, you see, have days where they just repeat items they have listed before. Now, this is fine as long as there is something new. I was noticing though, that some of these sites had days with now new freebies. I knew I could do better, provide better, and so Grab Free Stuff was born.

What do I list then?

Another great question. Basically, anything that is completely free. I’ve listed free cosmetic samples, free toys, food, drink and a host of other things. I also list a number of items other sites don’t such as freebie software, freebie kindle books and free online courses. You can learn great stuff for free, read a great novel and use some fantastic free software instead of paying hundreds of pounds.

I often say that I list items I would want. In most cases this is completely true, though with the number of novels I have listed over the past year I could not read them all. I know many get great benefit out of them though.

Just go check it out...

I would say, just get over there and check out this site, grab some free stuff. It costs you nothing, you don’t have to register (although I do have a daily news letter that posts to your email with the latest freebies), you can just go onto the site and get the link(s) to some fantastic free items.

Go on.. you know you want to..

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