It's amazing what a smart phone can do

i truly think it's amazing what we can do on a modern smart phone. I remember when all we could do was make calls; yes before even SMS.

I got my first mobile phone back in late 1995. I was a student and needed a phone for where I was staying. As it worked out; with the deal I could get; the mobile phone I got cost me less than a land line. I remember it was a hugh old thing; you got 30 minutes of talk time (by the end of which, it was so hot it would fry eggs) and 12 hours of standby. So I only charged when I was going to make a call.

In 1996 I got rid of this phone as it was no long required and I was mobile less for a year. 1997 saw my second mobile phone and this one included the new technology SMS. The phone has a 1 line lcd which made if fun to write a message; well if I had needed too as nobody else I knew had one. So; again; I got rid of this phone in 1998 and went yet another year without.

1999 was the turn around year. Since 1999 I have never gone without a mobile phone. Technology started to grow in mobiles at that point and from 2000 till 2004 I was a part of that.

I firstly worked for a company that produced a SMSC and we also produced many WAP pages and applications. Not the best web technology; but without that today's mobile webpages may not be as good as they are.

In 2002 I started working for Vodafone. They had vision, even then, that the mobile phone would one day be integrated with the Internet as it is today. They envisaged a phone that could access maps, check email as well as all other office related things. Basically do everything your iPhone or Android phone can do today. Their vision was a little bigger but so was the technology of the day.

It was a few years later in around 2006 when I got my first true smart phone; a Nokia N80. I truly loved that phone and Nokia were the phones to have. I had that for some time till my first touch screen phone which was a HTC and ran WindowsCE I believe.

From then the history has been iPhone 3GS followed by 2 Android phones and now a iPhone 6 Plus. Phew. Now that I have given my history of mobile phones; which I felt is important; I can get onto the subject of how they are amazing.

It's amazing what a smart phone can do. I'm creating this blog post from mine at this moment. I use it to create video and post to YouTube. I update all my online social media friends with images and statuses of what I am doing now.

They can see that lunch I'm about to eat. They can comments on that coffee I have.

But even more than that. You can run you business from your phone; though I wouldn't suggest only from your phone as accounts etc are maybe not its stronger points.

Since mobile providers have given us continuous integration of internet on our phones; it has increased what we could do. Couple that with what IOS and Android plus many apps has offered us; well it truly has become a Star Trek like device.

I think smart phones are amazing because I now spent far less time booting up and sitting at a computer and I think they are amazing because they are more powerful than many of the computers I have owned in the past.

I'm looking forward to what they will offer us in the future but for now; its off to make my next YouTube blockbuster.

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