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SeanMcCammon C# .Net core 3 Software Developer
Creating A Button In Flutter

You want to create a interface for your mobile app. You decide you need a button to allow the user to interact with the app - but how do you add a button and get it to do something in Flutter? It doesn't matter if you are using a RaisedButton, FlatButton or even IconButton - […]

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In Flutter Every Component Is A Widget

When I was looking up info about Flutter I ready that every component in Flutter is a widget. I didn't quite understand what that meant as I'd never come across that in any other programming language I had programmed in. What that ultimately means is that every UI elements you build is a widget. So, […]

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Starting With Mobile Development In Flutter

So, I've finally made the step. For some time now I have wanted to get into mobile development. I've looked at Android. I've looked at IOS (staring with Objective-C and Swift). I've played around a little - especially in the early days of IOS. I've tried different languages and plugins. I've tried drag and drop […]

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