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My Raspberry Pi 3 - Day 1 - The initial thought and install

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

When news of the first Raspberry Pi came out, I put my name on the waiting list. My thoughts were of how interesting it sounded.

However, when it came out I declined to buy because of some reasons at that time.

So, this week I decided to...

So, this week I decided to splash out a little cash and grab myself a nice Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. In fact, I picked up a starter kit which included the Pi, a case and power supply (and not forgetting the 16Gb memory card too). It arrived today, ya, and I thought I would run you through my initial thoughts (by the way, I am currently using it to write this post - Ya).

What was in the kit?

The kit itself came in 3 boxes. 1 box contained the Raspberry Pi 3 + Sim card, 1 box contained the case and a 3rd one contained the power supply.

The install

Fitting it all together was easy, just take off the top and sides to the case, put the Pi 3 in the case on the rests inside, then put the sides and finally top back on.

Next, on the bottom rear, I put in the Micro SD card. Against really easy. Finally, I plugged in my HDMI lead and the power supply and away it went.

The first thing that came up was a UI asking me to log into my WiFi - I chose to go WiFi over wired because of that, plus the wireless mouse and keyboard, meant fewer wires on my already cluttered desk.

Once I had entered the passcode for my WiFi - the next screen was to choose which install I wanted. Personally, I went for the recommended Raspbian which has given me a nice OS and the power of Debian to boot.

The install went quick, once I had accepted the message of 'This will overwrite.. blah...' and the system was up and running very quickly.

What are my first thoughts on using it?

So, now that it's installed I have had a little play. I like it. It seems quite responsive in its OS. I can do all the usual stuff like browsing and I had a quick run of Libre office. All it all, if you looking for a small computer to just browse the web, etc, it's good.

I also, of course, went onto YouTube. As I am using HDML (and my monitor must also have speakers) I got sound out of my monitor - the videos ran smoother. I'm running it at 1080p in case you wondered.

All in all, I think its a brilliant little device. A complete computer for £45. Just add a monitor, keyboard, and mouse and you've got a great little machine.

If your interested, I've put some Amazon affiliate link backs to the pack I bought. Buying through these won't cost you anymore - but will throw a little affiliate commission my way. Or just use the link to be nosey and see what I got.

As I use this more, I will be adding more posts. So, check back for future Raspberry Pi 3 adventures.


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