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I love older technology

Old Technology

I love older technology. Now. The statement in the title; for me; used to be an alien concept. In fact, if you were to ask people who knew me 6 years ago they would have said "not a statement Sean would make".

So, up till 6 years ago I lived new technology. I'd upgrade my computer ever year. Some new toy came out I'd buy. I'm was a technology enthusiast (not quite addicted but close). Then I got married and had kids; so, that stream of funds dried up.

I think many have experienced this right?

So, I spent a bit of cash getting my system up to spec to last a few years and that was it. Well for a year or so because I realised one fact. Last years technology would work just as well as this years. Yes, it may not have those extra graphic pipelines or as many megapixel but; in reality I didn't need them for my needs.

So I started selling my older tech and buying less older tech. Usually the difference in price was quite minimal. This even allowed me to get some items I had wanted for some time. As an example, I'd wanted a DSLR camera for some time but £600 or so for decent entry level was a bit expensive. However, paying £100 for a Canon 400D was in my price range and was fantastic for my needs.

[the_ad id="178"]Ok, so this technology is not as high spec. My 400d is 10MP over the newer 16 or 24. But in reality you really can't see the difference unless blow up the image to a massive scale.

Another example is I just built another PC which cost me around £200-250. I could have built it cheaper but I wanted to be able to run Battlefield 4. Using 1-2 year old tech I built an 8 core PC with nVidia GTX graphics. I did buy new memory and psu but only because they were on sale.

I could go on about bargains I have got but I hope my point can be seen. New technology is great and I don't begrudge anyone buying. In fact I encourage because I then buy their old but very useful technology from them.

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