So; I Started A Podcast

Starting a Podcast

Where I began

For a long time I always wanted to start a podcast. I’m not sure why; maybe it was a desire to be some sort of radio talkshow? Maybe it was just me wanting to talk about subjects I wanted to talk about and send that message to the world.

So I started my first podcast using the hosting service Spreaker. At that time it was just about learning the ropes, playing with sound and testing the waters. This went on for around 17 episodes until I reached a point where I ran out of ideas. This account remained with podcasts up to episode 17 until my paid account finished after 1 year.. This was early 2014 or there about.

Starting Over with A New Podcast

Recently I decided it was time to start over; time to start talking and letting my word out. This time round I decided to talk a little more time learning some more of the ropes. For example, my first podcast wasn’t even delivered into iTunes.

I did some research. I tested some items. I chose a subject. I was lucky enough to own equipment and in regards to software I chose Audacity as this was both free and quite a good program for audio.

So; I already had two of the 3 most important items. I had my idea and I had my studio. All I needed now was my hosting service. After looking around I decided on using Soundcloud.

Why Soundcloud?

I decided to us Soundcloud as my hosting service for this new Podcast because firstly I could use it for Free. At least up to a point where I would know if the Podcast was working or not. A free account with Soundcloud allows you to upload 3 hours of content. That allows me to test the water; my podcast estimates on size would be around 15 minutes so allowing me time to see how it goes.

This is something you may need to consider; is the length of your Podcasts going to be long or short. If longer then you may only get a few. If you find your; or in the case; if I find my podcast takes off then you can get unlimited upload quota for $9 per month - so this was the first consideration; testability with future expandability.

The second reason is that Soundcloud provides you with an RSS feed for your account allowing you to put this into iTunes. Of course; there are many other dedicated sites out there designed just for podcasting hosting and these will allow you to have or create an RSS feed for each of your podcasts. With Soundcloud you would need an account for each podcast. Again, something I considered when I created mine which I am happy about - but for you; the person reading this - consider if you want to create more than one account and if so check out some of the others such as libsyn.

iTunes and Stitcher

You will get some listens of your new podcast in Soundcloud. However, if you want to be serious then you need to submit your new podcast to iTunes and Stitcher. Now, doing this is easy enough as you simply take the RSS feed address from Soundcloud and submit your podcast to iTunes and Stitcher.

In iTunes; this is done by going to the iTunes store; selecting podcasts then clicking on the link ‘Submit a Podcast’ . I have included the image below

ITunes Submit











Once you have done this then just follow the instructions. You will need to pose the RSS feed address. Once all submitted you get an email notifying you that it has been submitted followed by a second email (generally 2-5 days later) saying it has been successful (or not).

Stitcher is quite similar; you need to sign up for an account. Once singed up you will see a link in the many ‘ADD SHOWS’. Selecting this will display the screen that is shown in the image below

Screenshot 2015 12 28 22 16 39













Like the iTunes submit you enter a few details; one of the important ones being the RSS feed URL.

So what next?

For me its create more and more content. For my Podcast you can find me on iTunes here :

or in Soundcloud its

I’ve; at the time of posting this article; created 4 episodes. I have another to be recorded this week. My goal is to continue with creating valuable content and maybe moving on to a second or third.

If you have a goal such as this then don’t hold back; just do it. All you need is a computer (or phone) with a microphone. You can download your free software for editing (Audacity) and upload for free using Soundcloud. Infant; to make it simple and easy I’ve created a new Udemy course showing you how to do it for yourself. If interested then check out the following course link :


If you have a dream; just go for it. That was my conclusion. If people enjoy what  you produce then they will listen. If they don’t them they still may listen. But in the end; it takes very little to create your podcast above and beyond what you already have. Don’t hold back and I will see you in the Podcast iTunes store.

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