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MarsEdit Review

For some time now I have been reviewing hardware and software through a YouTube channel (or two). One of the latest products I have reviewed was MarsEdit for the Mac.

For those that have not heard of MarsEdit; this is an application that allows you to create a blog post on your Mac and then post to your blog site. You can maintain a number of different blog sites in the application itself and post to any of them from this one application.

If you did want to learn more on this application then check out my video look through and review below.

The Video Review

MarsEdit Look Through and Review

MarsEdit Look Through and Review MarsEdit is one of the top rated blogging apps for the Mac. The idea is simple; its an app that allows you to write and arrange your blog posts from your Mac and then post them when complete to the blog of choice. The app allows you to manage multiple blog sites making blog posting easy and accessible. In this video we take a look at MarsEdit; its functionality and how you would use it. Plus I give you my review verdict.

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