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Why I Use To Help Write Blog Posts

Recently I started to use an OpenAI tool to help me generate blog content. For anyone that writes you will have experienced times where writing can be difficult. Using a tool to give you inspiration can help your creative juices start to flow.

The tool I have been using is You can get started by signing up at their website. I have been using the Bot since the beginning of July and have found that the tool has helped me keep my blog posts more consistent. As a detriment to long-term consistency, you will have some posts that fall flat. But for those with an interest in writing, this is outweighed by the benefits of taking the time to write.

How it helps

Sometimes writing posts is difficult. This could be from getting inspiration on what to write about or getting writer's block when writing. has a number of tools to help with these issues.

It gives you an idea of posts for topics your blog is most popular for.

You can also see which posts are trending on the internet right now then plug in some details into the blog intro or new long-form editor and it will write some sentences for you. You can then go through this, look at its relevance. Add to it, then ask it for more.

You can also enter a topic into one of its blog topic ideas templates and it will give you some ideas on what to write about.

Some of this article is being written by AI to give you an example. Can you spot which parts?

This tool is not perfect and can be a little hit and miss but its value-add lies in the fact that you have some starting points to start writing. It will help you build up your long-term portfolio of blog posts and help keep your content looking consistent over the long term.

The one thing I would say as a hindrance is that you do need to interact with this tool. Some of its templates and topics it generates don't quite fit your blog or niche.

How to use it
I have been using it every day and have learned a lot by just reading the bot's replies. Using it is simple enough. You simply give it some input into the template and click the 'Generate Inspiration' button. This gives you some ideas for blog posts. Then you can ask it for more by either adding to the template or by adding a new article. You can also opt to skip the generator and sit down and write your own post via the tools available in the long form editor.

I think I've covered much of the bot's functionality in this short article, but some parts aren't really worth mentioning. You can also take the trial which is linked on the webpage and try it out.

It's worth trying it out
I'd say it's definitely worth trying out this excellent tool. Even if you only use it to generate inspiration, I find myself writing blog posts in less than half the time I did.

Don't get me wrong. The bot is not, currently, intelligent to write the full post. You need to check what it has written and check some of the facts. It's not a click here and writes a post for me, it's all about generating inspiration as well as writing a big percentage of the content.

I'm going to continue using this tool and see how it helps me. I hope you do too. If you have any questions/opinions on the tool please leave a comment below.

Click here to head over to their webpage and get started with this tool or select to start the free trial here.

Note: This page contains affiliate links. It doesn't cost you any extra using these, it just means I would receive a small commission if you use my links which in turn supports the page. Alternatively, you can sign up on their webpage without using my affiliate link.

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