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Starting With C# .Net Core 3

Starting With C# .Net Core 3

I wanted to start this post with a quick caveat. At the time of writing this post: the .Net Core3 is currently at Preview 8.

As we grow closer to the September release date I hope that many of the code and feature I talk about in my upcoming blog posts will remain the same.

However, I may have to come back to some of them in the future to fine tune.

That said, let us begin

Why write about .Net Core 3?

So, if you look at my previous posts on this site: most are technical. None of them really go into too many specifics apart from any coding examples.

I’m now on a journey myself: a journey of learning about .Net Core 3. A journey that is a discovery of all the new features - but also older features that have not changed.

A journey that will see me work with and code new products. A journey that will also see me learning more about ASP.NET as this is something I have not used commercially.

So, as I travel along this learning journey I thought I would share with you all the things I learn. 

The initial posts maybe more suited to people who are starting to learn C# or .Net Core 2/3 - but I hope to get more technical as the posts go on.

So who maybe interested in these posts?

As I said above. My original though is, that, many of the people interested in these posts will be those on a learning journey.

However, it may be that, you may who already has knowledge of .Net Core 2 and want to see what has changed: see what has changed from my perspective and journey.

These are the main persons who I would think this blog of interest. Though I expect it could be useful to other groups. Whoever is reading this post and any others: welcome to my blog and I hope to interact with you.

More posts to come

So, this is really just an introduction to this new series of posts. I wanted to just say hi and detail a little of what I expect to write.

I do have more posts to write. Posts that will start to delve into a little more detail: such at [Route] for custom routes above methods.

So if you think this is something you will enjoy or find useful for you to read; keep popping back for the latest updates.

See you soon in the next and first post of this series.

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