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I Always Enjoyed Drawing

You may look at my new drawings now and never think I actually did O Level Art…

That being said, I actually fell into to the O Level bit when I moved schools at the age of around 14. I always enjoyed drawing, though I was never actually that good at it.

I’ve got the time…

At the moment I have a little spare time as I am in between jobs - as they call it. In between the looking, the learning new tech skills - getting my skill set up to date. I decided to do something fun. Normally I would go out and take some photos - which I am doing still.

However, with the current Covid–19 lockdown we have to stay in. Taking photos in the garden only goes so far - so I though I would take some time and start improving my drawing skills again. I mean, I love art. I love photography. So, I wanted to try to love drawing.I do have an alternative motive too - I have, for a while, wanted to learn how to draw cartoons.
So, I find myself reading, and trying to practice daily; following along with the guides.

What have I got at the moment

So, I do want to log my progress - something I can look back on but also share. At the moment my images are very basic - but I still want to share.
So, here we go - images I have practiced over the past 3–4 days. The first being an attempt and doing a logo idea - I was thinking of learning how to do some artistic font - text.

Please let me know in the comments any things you think I should lear - practice or if you just have comments to help me improve.

All these drawing, apart from the logo, was done in Procreate - Logo was doing in Concepts.

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