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How Ultimatum Change The Way I Used WordPress

Where Did I Begin

Before WordPress; before even HTML4.. I used to create websites using HTML and a text editor. I progressed; through time; to using tools such as Dreamweaver back when it was still a version number and not beginning with CS.. I believe it was version 7 or something similar.

It has really only been the last 2 or so years that I have started using WordPress.

My Initial WordPress Experience

Like many who first find WordPress; I started with free Themes. I spent hours trying to find a theme that matched what I wanted. Hours going through the thousands of themes that were available. I found some that were close to what I was looking for but never quite right. So I started to learn how to make changes in the code (I am a Software Engineer after all) and editing to make the theme match; as close as possible; to what I wanted.

Premium Themes

My first foray into premium themes came after I saw Genesis Theme by StudioPress; I can't remember how I came across it. At the time I was doing reviews in my YouTube channel on products and I asked if I could try it out. It was great; although there was still some editing to be done to tweak some elements. I followed that up with a few other reviews on other premium themes; each one allowing me to make more changes without coding. The closest I came was the Catalyst Framework.

Then I Found Ultimatum

The Catalyst framework went a long way to creating the WordPress site that I wanted; but then one day I found Ultimatum. I found it by accident; an instructor I bought a course from on Udemy was talking about it and had a special deal.. I took that deal (its the first premium theme / framework I have bought) and have not looked back.

Ultimatum allows me to start with a completely blank slate. I then can build up Templates; template then can have layouts created. I can create layouts for all the different pages I want and the best of it is that it is my design, my creation and not one of someone else like most themes.

With each release of Ultimatum comes more options; more functionality; such as Bootstrap 3. Ultimatum has given me the ability to use WordPress but also design my own theme.

Now. I love Ultimatum and because of this I put that passion into a course. A course that I have on offer in this blog at a greatly reduced price of just $5. If your interested in finding out more then check out the link below. If you wanted to check it out for $5 then you can buy now. Its covered by a 30 day money back guarantee so you've got nothing to loose..


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