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Has Technology helped us to start our own business ideas

Business Technology

Has Technology helped us to start our own business ideas? This is a question I often ask myself these days. On the surface of it; there are far more opportunities opened and it takes much less capital. But in my eyes this means there are far more people also taking that plunge.

Many years ago, to start a business you had to have your capital to start, potentially buy or make product, advertise in the local and national directories. Certainly to make it international as a business you had to get seccessful.

Then came out the Internet. That wonderful tool we all love and use. And after a few years of dodgy image sites and various personal pages; businesses started to get they idea that this was a useful media to have a presence on. Even the .com businesses were born and things were wander fun. At least from around 1997 till around 2000; peak trading is recorded at being March 10 2000.

Then the bubble burst and many of the .com companies went out of business. At this stage it's safe to say that technology didn't help us start our own business...

Those companies that did survive have managed to become some of the big players in the market; such as Amazon.

[the_ad id="178"]The good news since then though, at least in my eyes, is that companies have learnt that the biggest advertising force, the best tool to get their brand sold is use, the consumers. By giving us the facility to earn a percentage of their profit by helping them sell their product is a brilliant concept and so affiliate marketing is the biggest help to use to create our own business.

Affiliate marketing gives use the option to advertise products to sell. Products that we don't need to stock ourselves. Products that when sold we earn a commission on. I've seen many online shops created that sell just affiliate products as all you need is a web domain and something like WordPress with WooCommerce. Technology has done well here.

For those that want to sell products sites such as eBay were born. Sites were you can auction off things that you don't want. You can even advertise products for drop shipping which is where you sell a product and its shipped from the manufacturer.

Even Amazon selling is easy to do. You can sell your old items through a seller account. You can sell as an affiliate. You can even buy products from drop shippers that will take the products you purchase to Amazon; you sell through Amazon and Amazon gets it delivered. They even advertise it. So you just pay for the product and a percentage to Amazon. How easy is that...

Next thing we have is advertising such as Google Adwords. You can create a website or blog. You can get a Google Adsense account and you can sell space on your site for advertising. You can even create video and put on YouTube and use Adsense. Some people make their entire living this way.

Finally we have sites where you can sell a digital product. We have clickbank where many products are sold by affiliates. You also have sites such as Udemy where you become a teacher.

So, has technology made it easier to start our own business? Yes BUT so easy that many are doing it making it harder to get noticed. Marketing today is different to years gone by. But that is another subject.

As a side note. You can even run much of a business from a smart phone these days. This blog post was created entirely with a iPhone as an example.

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