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Everyday We Time Travel

Everyday We Time Travel

So, I have another post that I will write at some time that talks about my thoughts and theory (kind of) on Time Travel. Before that rambling post, I wanted to write this one.

All my posts in this category are going to be straight from the thoughts in my head. I have many mind-bending thoughts daily and so I thought it was time to share them with you...

This one is all about time travel - and how we all do it daily.

What is time travel

So, if we watch something like Doctor Who, it’s all about stepping inside some blue box (or any other coloured time travel device). Setting the big dial to a time and after a few whooshes and other noises, we step out into 1066 (or some other previous time).

In fact, at least the facts of this post, we travel through time every day.

Now, I know what you thinking. Your thinking, yes we are all travelling forward in time because that’s how time works. We can sit still and travel forward in time.

I have to say though, that although that is one example - it’s not the example I wanted to make you think about in this post.

Look up to the stars

Light takes time to travel. On a night time, we look up at the stars and thinks ‘wow, so many’ or ‘that’s pretty’ or some other thought.

However, I look up and realise I am travelling through time with my eyes. The light from those stars takes thousands to millions of years to reach us.

So, that star you are looking at at the moment was how it looked all those years ago. That star may not even be in that same position any more - in fact it may not even exist any more depending on how long it took for that particular light to reach us.

So, looking up means you are looking at the past - maybe even millions of years in the past. You’re travelling through time.

What about the sun?

Ok, so here is another thing to think of - while you are walking in the daylight you are travelling through the past.

It takes around 8 minutes for the light from the sun to reach us. So, the light you are currently walking through is from 8 minutes in the past.

You’re walking through light from the past as so travelling through some part of the past right now - time travelling.

You time travel daily - I told you

At the beginning of this post, I said you time travel daily.

I hope this post have given you examples enough for you to start thinking - appreciating this fact. Every night we look into the past with the stars. Every day we walk through light that is 8 minutes older than we are.

Move aside the always travelling forward in time and appreciate the parts of our daily life when we’re moving back in time - even if it’s with just our eyes or mind.

Look out for future posts

Looking a little forward in time - I will be writing more of my random thoughts down like this. I do have some other thoughts on time travel - the more traditionally thought of like getting in a time machine...

I also have other rambles and thoughts going through my head daily which I will love to share with you all.

So, stay tuned and hopefully, you will enjoy this mindful future posts.

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