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Why I love producing courses and giving away Udemy Coupons

Why do I love producing courses And Why I Love a Sale??

Its a question I often ask myself as it can be fun but difficult. Sometimes you get nice comments and sometimes you don’t..

You’d think that having negative comments would put you off; but to be honest its a great growing experience when you do because a lot of these students want you to improve your course.

Its great getting positive comments because this spurs you on to do your next course..

Part of the reason I like doing courses is the sales. What I aim to do is be in a position in life where I can offer my own digital products; support myself and my family and do something I enjoy.

To be honest though, if you’re only doing this for the money then you will not get far.. The main reason I do them is because I enjoy doing them. I enjoy the learning; learning of the subject I will teach. Part of it is knowing that people will be learning something I have taught.

I also love looking at the complete product/course when complete. I know that I did that; me, myself and I. It’s nice to feel that accomplishment.

The biggest thing though is the interaction. The comments and discussions. You get to know people; though that are really committed to learning but also helping. I like the questions, the thinking I have to do to answer the questions..

This is why I love doing courses… No for the plug - to you, the person reading this course then I have for you some SALE coupons.. Using the udemy coupons - code SEANSBLOG you can get any of my courses for just $5 (That's a reduction of $42 - $92 Emberon most of my couses).

Here Are The Coupons!

HTML5 & CSS3 - Just Do It! Follow along & Create a HTML Page

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