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Starting With Mobile Development In Flutter

Starting With Mobile Development In Flutter

So, I've finally made the step. For some time now I have wanted to get into mobile development.

I've looked at Android. I've looked at IOS (staring with Objective-C and Swift). I've played around a little - especially in the early days of IOS.

I've tried different languages and plugins. I've tried drag and drop development environments. None of them were simple enough to do the work I wanted; or were too simple to be powerful enough.

Until I took a look at Flutter.


So, I will write an article in itself on Flutter - but essentially its an environment produced by Google using the Dart language. It's designed for easy, rapid development of cross-platform apps.

So, you write it once and can build it for Android, IOS and even the Web as JavaScript.

When building your apps, it's kind of like building something for the web - in that, there are complex code but at the same time you build what's called Widgets which you can style - kind of like most web app pages and elements.

The code itself can be easy enough to understand to begin with - but I see can start to get more complex. You start with something simple like a ListView and build a ListTile - which is where you add elements.

So, you build up the ListTile with say a Text elements and Icon. Then you add some code that allows you to touch the element and do something,. You then build up the ListView with each ListTile.

As you build up your UI you can add interface elements - such as the animation for when adding and removing elements in a list; new screens, menus, buttons and so on.

Moving forward with Flutter

So, moving forward I will be releasing video on the YouTube channel linked - which includes the following 2 videos on me getting started.

As I list more and learn more I will be sharing through this page too. So, why not follow my new mobile application development learning.

Getting started with Flutter

Installing Flutter

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